Signs of Eating Disorders

There are three easily identifiable Eating Disorders:

1. Anorexia

  • Restriction of food to the point of starvation
  • Progressive and uncontrollable weight loss
  • Maintaining ‘thinness’ as an ideal
  • Disturbance in body image
  • Exercising and using laxatives to control weight
  • Frequent hospitalisation due to weight loss

2. Bulimia 

  • Routine and regular bingeing on food, followed by purging
  • Using laxatives to control weight
  • Regular dieting followed by periods of bingeing
  • Obsessive pre-occupation with food and body
  • Self-evaluation, excessively influenced by body shape and weight

3. Compulsive Over-Eating (Binge Eating Disorder)

  • Routine regular eating of large amounts of food
  • Obsession with food to the exclusion of other dimensions of life
  • Overeats and comfort eats to the point of obesity