Rathlin Residential Family Programme - Testimonial

My name is Ruth and I am the wife of a chronic alcoholic. I have been and to a certain extent still am going through a tough time because of his addiction. This time last year I was in a very dark place until I found The RISE Foundation.

I have been doing one on one counselling there and have completed a 10 week family programme plus a one week Residential Programme. While both the 10 week programme and the counselling are doing wonders for me I have to say it was my stay on Rathlin Island which has the most impact on my recovery in dealing with my husband’s addiction. I remember from the second I stepped off the ferry onto Rathlin I felt so peaceful and relaxed, the most I have ever felt in years. I can’t explain it but I did expect to be feeling anxious about what I was about to embark on but I just couldn’t.

The tranquil setting of this island, the remoteness and the aura about it really does something magical to a person. I think I am one of the most sceptical people I know and I have never believed in anything airy fairy but when I was on Rathlin I understood in as far as I could what the word spiritual meant. I really felt something that I have never felt before which I don’t think I could feel anywhere else, even though I have been to similar size islands before.

I remember the day before I was to go home and Frances taking us up to the East Lighthouse to see the building which she plans to turn into the RISE centre and when she spoke about her plans you could really see it. The therapy room is to look out over the sea and it all seemed so perfect. I could really imagine myself and others in my position getting great healing from this island. The tranquillity, the remoteness, the beauty and the whole aura of the place you really have to experience it yourself to appreciate exactly what it is I am trying to say. I couldn’t imagine anywhere more ideal than this setting to have the RISE.

I got to love this island that much on this short visit that I made a return visit last month with friends and it was the same emotions I felt again even though this time I was there at the height of the tourist season. There is really and truly something unique and special about this place and I wish for a lot more people to get the recovery and healing from it that I got.
Rathlin is something else altogether, that is like nowhere else I know!