RISE Week - April 8th to 15th

Only 3 weeks to our first "RISE Week". We want to increase awareness about the impact of addiction and raise much needed funds for the services we provide families with loved ones in addiction.

Next Residential Family Programme

We will be running our next residential Family Programme on Rathlin Island from Sunday, 27th February to Friday, 4th March. Please fill in an Enquiry Form if you are interested in attending.

"YOU ARE NOT ALONE" - Book of Letters

Hi Everyone,

If you or someone you know has been impacted by Addiction maybe you can help us.

We are working on a book of letters "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" that will be published to raise much needed funds for The Rise Foundation during our planned “RISE Week” in April. More and more families are connecting in with us looking for our support and help. As we all know the problems are escalating and more families are devastated by the impact of Addiction than ever before, while at the same time it’s getting harder and harder to raise money. This is where you could help.

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